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Transport Financial Services has an elaborate cohesive network of transportation professionals nationwide working to establish that one-on-one personal relationship with it’s clients where you are a name, not a number.  Where your needs are met, and industry standards remain compliant with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), and Department of Transportation (DOT).  Licensed transportation consultants appraise your business concerns and assist in designing tailored programs to fit your needs. The TFS objective is to provide the most efficient plan to help better manage your firm.


Our co-founder, Thomas Gurthrie (deceased) had over 55 years of experience going back to 1954 when he served in the capacity of Assistant to the President of C.B. Guthrie Tariff Bureau. In 1974 Mr Guthrie moved to California to Work at Miller Traffic Services, Inc. before eventually starting a transportation consultation firm, Guthire & Associates in 1975. Mr Guthrie appeared as an expert witness on several cases and wrote “The Freight Brokers Handbook”. In 2009 Mr Guthrie started Transport Financial Services with the intent to share his 55 years of transportation experience with his customers.

Today, with our current CEO and Owner, Mr. Marold Studesville, TFS has become the only 1-stop-shop for your transportation business needs.

Marold Studesville

Marold Studesville


Marold Studesville brings over 11 years of experience in the transportation industry . Transportation was a natural progression after having served in a logistics capacity while serving in the armed forces as a young man. Marold’s vision is to bring an old industry “Transportation” into the 21st century and make information and opportunity readily available to all customers.

Rosemarie DeWolf

Rosemarie DeWolf


Rosemarie DeWolf brings 42 years in the accounting industry to the Transport Financial Services family. Her primary goal as she has stated "Is to carry the responsibility for financial records, making sure the appropriate taxes are paid by federal and state deadlines, oversee efficient use of funds and related tasks."

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