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When shippers and potential clients have movement of freight at a moment’s notice they search for brokers that are first (1st) are in compliance of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulation, and can be trusted with safe on-time-delivery, Today’s Broker deals more with technology, rate negotiations, locating, and establishing alliances with shippers. The flowchart for transportation movement has three elements, Shippers, Brokers, and Carriers. The shippers assign the goods, the broker assigns goods to the broker, and the brokers hires motor carriers. This is termed as a Third Party Logistics Managers or (3PL). To keep honest people honest agreements or contracts with clear and concise language on pick-up, delivery, and payment procedures all outlined in the Bill of Lading to assure that ,once the delivery is complete that the method of payment is assured. Generally brokers are not carriers, but may have had previous experience, and are very knowledgeable with load boards, and shippers for rate negations.

TFS believes that brokers should have a zero claim policy, all loads brokered should be paid in full if delivered in accordance with the terms agreed. To that end TFS is looking to give brokers all the tools they need to be successful. Head over to out “Store Directory” and click through to any service you need and we will be happy to help.

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